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RV Park in Pecos Texas

Kings Road RV Park in Pecos, Texas

During the spring and summer months, many RVers take to the road.  Kings Road RV Park is a Texas favorite. Easily located between I-20 and Highway 285 this RV Park in Pecos maintains a comfortable location to get out of the heat and stay for a spell. Come stay at the best RV Park in Pecos, Texas.

RV Park in Pecos, Texas

The summer months in Texas can be brutal. Looking for a safe place to park for the night or even longer to cool off is not hard when you are looking for an RV Park in Pecos, Texas. Trying to find a place to get out of the heat or need a spot to park so your RV can cool off while you go exploring is easy when you wheel in to Kings Road RV Park.

Investing in Comfort

From drying out the interior components of your RV or maybe cool off the overheating tires, a heat wave can end up costing you quite a lot of money. When the temperature creeps up, it’s important to settle down and protect you and your investment. The best RV Park to do that is Kings Ranch RV Park in Pecos, Texas.

Maintenance and Repair for Relief

It is important to keep your RV fully and professionally serviced and inspected during the spring and summer months. The best RV Park in Pecos, Texas has covered parking for your RV for sunshine relief, but traveling to get there may put your tires, propane and other necessities at risk in the scorching heat. Kings Road RV Park is situated in Pecos, Texas so that you can receive service in a timely manner. There are several RV repair and maintenance shops within a 75 mile radius.

Electricity and Water

Kings Road RV Park is spaciously designed on 22 acres conveniently situated in the city of Pecos, Texas with 300 fully shaded RV sites. All of these sites are fully equipped with 50, 30 and 20 amp electrical service. City water and sewer utilities, hardline expanded cable and top of the line internet are available at every site. A perfect spot to park for overnight or as long as you need.

Some RV Parks limit air conditioning due to the excessive power consumption. During extremely hot weather, like it can sometimes be in the eastern edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, RV units can sometimes “pull” a lot of electricity. The best RV Park in Pecos,Texas can make a huge difference in comfort with 50, 30 and 20 amp electrical service at each of the covered parking spots. Come cool off at Kings Road RV Park.

Having enough water is never a problem during the spring and summer months at Kings Road RV Park, the best RV Park in Pecos, either.  Each site has city water and sewer utilities. Cool water is also available at spigots with hoses outside public buildings, too.


Having a cool place for your pet to retreat in the hot weather is not a problem at the best RV Park in Pecos, Texas. RV owners should never leave a four-legged furry, feathered, or other family members in a hot vehicle or direct sunlight without access to shade and fresh water! Centrally located in an enclosed green space and surrounded by a fence is a dedicated dog park that includes trees and a picnic bench to rest while your pet romps and plays. Pet etiquette includes cleaning up after them so that everyone can enjoy this space is easy with disposal bags and a trash can that is provided. A water spigot is also available to keep them cool and give them a much needed drink.

Pool and Recreation

The best RV Park in Pecos, Texas provides amenities that are fun and comfortable in the hot season. Our luxurious outdoor pool with adjacent patio areas can be enjoyed through the hot seasons. The pool area is equipped with a water slide and toddler area for the kids. Picnic tables are vital in an RV park. At Kings Road RV Park, there are multiple picnic tables for its guests to use. Whether sitting at the playground or keeping an eye on your pet or watching a rousing game of horseshoes, the picnic tables are situated under a shade and clean. You may decide to have a cookout with your friends at the convenient grill area or play games at sundown. Or you might just sit and read or watch the sunset as the sun goes down. Wi-Fi is available in each area. You can keep cool in all these areas at the best RV Park in Pecos, Texas.

Pecos, Texas

Pecos, Texas has appeared as on the the fastest growing small towns in the United States. The city’s aridity results in cool nights even after hot summer days. Staying in the best RV Park in Pecos, Texas can be a great way to get outside and go exploring. Visiting the local farms for cantaloupes or going to a rodeo or just sitting on your front porch and listening to the night sounds can make RV living a pleasant experience in Kings Ranch RV Park in Pecos, Texas.

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